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Alan Clarke takes the National Scurry Driving Championship in spectacular form with his ponies Pride & Joy and of course his wife and groom, Lyndsey.

Karen Morris with Pepsi & Shirley completed the course without any penalty in a time of 58.74 secs. a very competitive time.  Could Alan, last to go, better it. Disaster struck, he knocked the ball off at the 2nd Gate, surely he could not make up those lost 5 seconds and beat Karen.  Alan thought otherwise and pushed the ponies on, a stunning box, a very straight slalom and the race was on and he drove through the finish in a time of 53.28.  The commentator hesitated and then announced ‘He’s done it’ a time of 58.28 secs.

Fantastic competition.  Well done everyone involved.

Credit for the photograph and our thanks must be given  to Lottie-Elizabeth Photography

British National Scurry Driving Championship 2019